Help with downloading calendars

Adding the OSBA Calendar to Outlook 2007

  1. When you click on the subcribe link, if you are prompted for permission, click the [Allow] button.
  2. Your computer will open Outlook 2007, if it is not already open and you will be prompted to add the Internet Calendar.  Click the [Yes] button to add the calendar and subscribe to updates.
  3. The calendar will appear in your list of "Other calendars.'

Adding the OSBA Calendar to Google

  1. Make sure you are logged into your Google account
  2. Click the [+Google calendar] button at the bottom of the Calendar View page.
  3. If you receive a prompt about an unsupported browser, click the [Cancel] button.
  4. At the prompt to add the calendar, click the [Yes, add this calendar] button.
  5. The calendar will appear in your list of "Other calendars."