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General information to help you keep up-to-date on the legal issues in education. Whether you need on-the-spot legal advice or continued guidance, you can rely on OSBA's legal services team.

Social Media Use by School Employees - Guidance for K-12 Districts and ESDs

Many employees will use social media, both personally and for work purposes. While Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are popular today, new platforms are developed constantly that your employees may want to use.

Fry v. Napoleon Community Schools

On February 22, 2017, the United States Supreme Court decided Fry v. Napoleon Community Schools, No. 15-497.

Drug Tests and Employees

Recommendations and Best Practice

Gender Equity in Career and Technical Education

Career and technical education (CTE) opportunities are increasingly recognized as a necessary part of education at all levels. What should your institution do to comply?

Workplace Retaliation Claim Primer

What does that mean? And how can education professionals avoid claims and lawsuits stemming from allegedly retaliatory actions?

Single-Sex Membership Youth Organizations Letter

US Department of Education Office for Civil Rights Issues New “Dear Colleague” Letter on Subject of Single-Sex Membership Youth Organizations

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