Equity in Education Resources

Oregon school boards struggle to meet the needs of students who don’t speak English, have special needs, live in poverty or are left behind in other ways. Here are resources, reports, stories, ideas and insights to help your board with these challenges.

Educational equity and student achievement

Resources to help boards close the achievement gap.

Cognitive dissonance: A critical tool in social justice teaching

Paul C. Gorski explores our preconceptions about equity issues and the dissonance that occurs when new truths battle established beliefs.

Timeline: Oregon and U.S. racial, immigration and education history

Looking Back In Order to Move Forward, a timeline of Oregon and U.S. racial, immigration and education history outlines significant events during the last 10,000 years that have brought us to where we are today in Oregon education equity.

High school dropout rate resources

Help for school boards to focus precious resources on programs that do the most good - teaching reading skills at an early age, ensuring that students learn problem-solving skills, and providing alternative programs when and if they are needed - so that fewer students become dropout statistics.

Educational equity - NSBA resources

Recommended resources from NSBA on boosting student achievement.

Communicating with diverse populations

Communicating with Oregon's growing minority population.

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