Salary Resources

Information on teacher salaries in Oregon schools plus tools to help understand alternative compensation systems.

Consumer price index

Portland and U.S. CPI averages since 1979.

OSBA annual survey of teacher salaries and benefits

A downloadable publication containing a comparison of teacher salaries and benefits for the current year.

Reductions in force - the Board's role

An overview of the role of the board and the appropriate process and procedures that are followed by the district administrator for reductions in force.

Average teacher salary

A three-year comparison of the ODE average teacher salary.

Performance pay resources

Links to information about performance pay.

Salary costing can help you see the whole picture

“Show me the money,” the saying from the movie “Jerry Maguire,” could be a workers’ chant during collective bargaining. Unions want boards to pay higher wages and all insurance costs, which can detour the collective bargaining process from clarity into confusion.

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