Employee Discipline Resources

Information and resources relating to teacher evaluations, contracts and discipline.

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Learn how OSBA attorneys can assist with litigation services, administrative hearings, charter school applications, sample contracts, training and more.

Teacher and Administrator Contract Renewals, Non-Renewals and Dismissal

This link outlines the processes required by Oregon law for teacher and administrator contract renewals, non-renewals and dismissals. District policies, collective bargaining agreements and administrator contracts should be reviewed and the District's legal counsel consulted prior to beginning any non-renewal or dismissal procedure.

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Established to help districts with the expense of litigation, primarily at the appellate level, which has a statewide impact.

Our superintendent needs to update board members about staff issues that may turn into grievances. Under what statute can that executive session be held?

Question from Ask Betsy

Due process vs just cause

Due Process vs Just Cause Comparison

U.S. teacher evaluations fail to measure teacher effectiveness

A summary of a the Widget Effect report from The New Teacher Project which faults the education system for failing to use meaningful measures of teacher effectiveness in student achievement decisions.