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The OSBA student achievement gateway is your starting point for information about Oregon's efforts to improve student achievement. Our goal is to guide you through the vast array of available information focusing your attention on what boards need to know and do. You'll find the information divided into two main categories aligned with key board responsibilities:

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Standards and initiatives that govern board decisions - What the board needs to know about:

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Setting outcomes, measuring and reporting student success - What the board needs to know about:

As you traverse these pages, you'll see each topic follow a common navigation system beginning with new developments and moving to key elements and deeper explorations.

Synopsis of Oregon's student achievement efforts

Student achievement refers to the actual ability to perform in a specific academic area such as reading, math or science, generally measured against a set of goals using standardized assessment methods.

Oregon's vision: invest in an education system designed for the 21st century starting in early childhood and continuing through postsecondary education and training.

Oregon's goal: by 2025, 100% of adult Oregonians will hold a high school diploma or equivalent, 40% of them will have an associate’s degree or postsecondary certificate, and 40% will hold a bachelor’s degree or advanced degree.

Oregon's initiatives :

  • Early Learning Division - Ensuring students are prepared to learn when entering kindergarten.
  • Transition from high school to college - Increasing the availability of college preparation programs, dual credit options and advanced instruction.

Effective board work

Research shows that boards can significantly impact student achievement. The following resources can help you get you started:

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