Employee contract analysis

The secret to successful negotiations is preparation. That preparation begins with an analysis of the collective bargaining agreement, particularly if it has not been reviewed in the past four years. Collective bargaining agreements dictate the working conditions of represented employees. The language in these contracts often contains inconsistencies, illegalities, impossibilities and restrictions on your ability to operate efficiently and effectively.

Our experts identify inconsistencies and updates to consider before you draft your initial proposals. We will point out vague language as well as language potentially limiting management's rights and threatening the flexibility needed to respond quickly to changes, such as an unexpected enrollment drop. Are your CBAs in line with the changing health insurance requirements? We can give you suggestions on how to fix that, too.

Our service includes the analysis with sample language, two hard copies and one electronic copy of the analysis, and an on-site meeting to review the analysis and answer your questions. 

When your goal is boosting student achievement, your collective bargaining agreement must help - not hinder - those efforts.  Assume the union will come to the table prepared.  With OSBA's help, you can, too.

For more information, please contact  Lisa Freiley.

Price information

$500 for most contracts