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When and how can board members use e-mail to communicate with each other? Can they discuss and gain consensus on an item by e-mail? - 4/13/12

Do we have to put a notice of our board meetings in the newspaper? Do we have to adopt a newspaper of record? - 10/18/13

Are school board members considered mandatory reporters? If not, how should a board member address the issue of child abuse inside the district or outside of the district? - 10/25/13

Is a board retreat the same as a board workshop? Do we have to post notice and allow the media to attend? - 2/14/11

Can a board add an executive session to an agenda after the meeting has started, even if the executive session wasn't included on the original meeting posting? - 6/10/16

Does a meeting of the superintendent, chair and vice-chair to set the agenda have to be posted as a committee meeting? - 5/16/14

Can a quorum of the board compel board members to attend meetings? We have a minority of members who might not attend a meeting where they will be faced with criticism. The majority of the board wants the minority to attend. - 3/28/13

Do we have to put a notice of our board meetings in the newspaper? Do we have to adopt a newspaper of record? - 1/22/13

Do we have to take minutes at a board retreat and if so do we have to have them approved at the board meeting? - 7/22/16

If our board is having a holiday party, is that considered a meeting and do we need to notice it? - 12/19/16

How long before a meeting is held does the meeting have to be posted? - 2/12/09

When our board passes a political resolution how should we post it and handle the minutes? - 9/05/14

How long before the meeting does a special meeting have to be posted? - 7/23/09

Although the charter school board meeting dates are posted on the school calendar and anyone can request a packet of materials that will be used at the school board meeting, do the agenda and the minutes need to actually be posted where the public can read them? - 3/01/13

We are having a public information session on the budget hosted by the superintendent. The full board will be there and will answer questions. Do we need to post this meeting? - 3/02/12

If a quorum of the board attends a public forum does the forum have to be posted as a board meeting? - 6/17/16

What rules have to be followed for retaining board member emails regarding school district business? - 12/18/15

Our board is planning to meet with another school district board to discuss mutual concerns. Are there any special provisions which need to be followed? - 3/22/13

When do committee meetings have to follow public meetings laws about posting and minutes? - 8/29/13