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Is it possible to conduct a public meeting where all board members are in attendance via electronic device (e.g. computer, phone etc.)? - 2/01/13

Can board members all "attend" meetings by web cam, speaker phone, or video conference? - 6/27/14

At the OSBA convention I jotted down a note that our public meeting notices should have some language about special accommodations and accessibility. Could you please provide some sample language? - 2/12/16

Can the board discuss setting district goals while attending OSBA's November convention in Portland? - 10/14/09

One of our board members would like to invite the board and partners to a holiday gathering at his house. Can we do this without violating the public meeting laws? What are the pros and cons? - 11/19/10

Our board wants to hold a summer retreat at a meeting facility outside the boundaries of our district. Is this OK? - 6/01/12

What can and can't we do at work sessions? - 8/02/13