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What is a ‘360 degree evaluation’ of a chief executive (superintendent or college president) and how is it used? - 5/02/11

Can a budget committee member be appointed at a budget committee meeting or does this appointment have to be made at a board meeting? - 3/18/16

An individual board member has expressed an interest in spending time working in the district office on the development of the budget with the business official and superintendent, looking for areas to cut and providing direction on individual programs and line items. Is this within the role of the board member? - 3/18/11

Should school board members sit on district interview and hiring committees when the district is hiring employees other than the superintendent? - 2/19/16

Unfortunately, our board is now at 6 members. Do I have to consider changing committees that are composed of three members? - 5/04/12

Once the budget committee and board have approved the budget, does the superintendent have to bring any change to any of the line items to the board for approval before the expense can be made? - 4/08/16

A budget committee member withdrew before the end of her term (June 2016). The board has voted in a new budget committee member to take her place. Does this new member serve three years from now or does the board have to vote this member in again once the original term is finished – June 2016? - 4/15/16

Does the budget committee have to approve their own minutes? Can the board approve them? Since the budget committee is done after the final budget meeting in which they approve the proposed budget amount, it seems like the board would have to approve at least the final minutes. - 6/18/12

What are the roles and the responsibilities of the budget committee? - 3/25/16

We have a five member board and currently have only two budget committee members available to participate. How do we proceed if we cannot fill the other three positions? Would we consider that if we have seven members, half would be four to approve any motion? - 4/01/16

Can a member of the school board be the chair of the budget committee? - 9/18/08

Can the school board employ someone as an internal auditor, where the person does not report to the superintendent but directly to the board of directors? - 1/21/11

What level of detail does the budget committee approve? Does it have authority over staffing levels, salaries and labor contracts? - 3/23/12

Do committee meetings have to follow public meetings laws if there are less than a quorum of board members on the committee? - 10/03/14

Our budget committee completed their work and was dismissed before the new lower revenue forecast from the Governor. Does the board have to adjust the budget to the new revenue estimate before adopting it? - 6/04/10

Our board is filling several seats on the budget committee. We have more applicants than seats. How do we go about voting to fill those seats? - 3/09/12

Can Martin Luther King day be used as a makeup school day? Are there any rules which identify what can and cannot occur on a holiday? - 10/15/14

Does a meeting of the superintendent, chair and vice-chair to set the agenda have to be posted as a committee meeting? - 5/16/14

What is the posting requirement for the first budget committee meeting and how is it different than the notice requirements for regular board meetings? - 2/24/12

What are the rules for making up snow days? - 1/13/17

My understanding is that if the board appoints a committee to do a certain task, meetings of that committee must follow public meeting laws. In particular, notices of the committee meeting(s) must be posted just like we do for our school board meetings. If, for example, a 7-member board appointed 3 of its members to review a process and then return to the full board with its findings and recommendations, does the meeting of those 3 members need to be posted? - 11/20/15

Can the administration make transfers between budget functions during the year without seeking board approval? - 5/10/10

How can the board use sub-committees to improve the way it does business? - 3/08/10