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Salem-Keizer School Board rejoins OSBA

At its work session on July 10, the Salem-Keizer School Board agreed to rejoin OSBA, after leaving the association in July of last year.

The school board's action came immediately after it held a discussion with Interim Executive Director Betsy Miller-Jones, covering such issues as legislative priorities, student achievement and board development.

"I'm glad to say that OSBA has taken action since last year to display true leadership in the education issues our board cares most deeply about," said Salem-Keizer School Board chair Nancy MacMorris-Adix. "Our board's decision shows that OSBA and we are on the same page in working to do our very best for the students who attend our schools."

Last month, Portland Public Schools' board of directors voted to rejoin OSBA after leaving the association last year. Thanks to Salem-Keizer's decision to rejoin, OSBA once again represents every school board in Oregon.

OSBA replaced its executive leadership in January. The association has also mounted an aggressive advocacy campaign for stronger investment in schools and has renewed its emphasis on providing high-quality staff services to its members, Miller-Jones said.

"We have redoubled our effort to work with the governor, the Oregon Education Investment Board and the Oregon Department of Education to improve student achievement," Miller-Jones added. "OSBA has been a leader in helping school districts finalize and implement the governor's achievement compacts, and we've made elimination of the achievement gap one of our highest goals."

"We're delighted to welcome Salem-Keizer back to our membership," Miller-Jones said. "We need the energy, experience and wisdom that the Salem-Keizer School Board brings to the table as we prepare for a new legislative session next January. A unanimous and united OSBA will be a strong voice for students and public education in Oregon."