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18 graduate from OSBA's advanced class in school board leadership

On May 16, 18 school board members from around the state completed OSBA's advanced board leadership training, Leadership Oregon. Over the past five months, they have participated in four two-day workshops in Salem which dealt with all facets of school leadership. The program brings together school board members from all over Oregon for comprehensive, specialized workshops to build their understanding of school issues, advocacy, decision-making and communication and to provide an expanded support network for local school leaders.

This is an image of Leadership Oregon 2011 graduates

L to R: Henry Perry, Dick Morley, Adrienne Black, Rick Pardy, Linda Dugan, Nancy MacMorris-Adix, Vince Ceriello, Wylda Cafferata, Anna Tavera-Weller, Howard Wand, William Dooley, Charlene Moore, Twinkle Morton, Barbara Orre, Leah Harris, Janeen Sollman, Valerie Tewksbury and Alisa Hampton.

Graduates include:

  • Adrienne Black, Ridgeline Montessori Public Charter School
  • Wylda Cafferata and Barbara Orre, Pleasant Hill School District
  • Vince Ceriello, Rick Pardy and Howard Wand, Rogue River School District
  • William Dooley, Port Orford-Langlois School District
  • Linda Dugan, Warrenton-Hammond School District
  • Alisa Hampton and Anna Tavera-Weller, Forest Grove School District
  • Leah Harris, North Lake School District
  • Nancy MacMorris-Adix, Salem-Keizer School District
  • Charlene Moore, Coos Bay School District
  • Dick Morley, North Santiam School District
  • Twinkle Morton, Fern Ridge School District
  • Henry Perry, Glendale School District and Douglas ESD
  • Janeen Sollman, Hillsboro School District
  • Valerie Tewksbury, Reynolds School District

“This kind of in-depth professional development required a major time commitment. It signals you are serious about learning what it takes to be outstanding leaders in your schools and communities,” Kevin McCann, OSBA executive director, told the graduates. “As school board members, you each have a huge role in setting policy and making sure all students are getting a good education. It’s complex and important work.”

The Oregon School Boards Association offered this advanced leadership class at no cost to school districts.