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New name, new look coming Monday for NewsClips

On Monday, March 20, you will see a new and improved version of NewsClips in your email inbox. With input from our members we have redesigned our weekday morning news service to be much more visual, with photos and graphics to help explain the day’s education news. OSBA’s communications staff will also be curating the news to ensure that stories with the highest impact on Oregon and its schools are featured prominently.

This change is part of our efforts to continually evolve as the state’s leader in education communications. In recent months we have significantly increased the quantity and quality of news stories reported by our staff for members. That is a primary reason for changing the name from NewsClips, which reflects a clipping service from other sources, to the new name: OrEdNews.

Every year during Fall Regionals we hear from our members how much they value our weekday news product. We hope that with these improvements you will find it even more valuable and readable. If you have comments or questions, please send them to OSBA Director of Communications Alex Pulaski at