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OSBA board picks architect for Multnomah opening

The OSBA board of directors chose Michelle Vo, a member of the Corbett School Board, on March 6 to fill its vacant Multnomah position. The term runs through Dec. 31, 2017.

Michelle Vo

Vo, an architect, is particularly interested in revenue and budget matters and how they relate to school funding.

“The state does not fully fund education, leaving districts to make tough budget decisions that often impact the quality of education and academic achievement,” she wrote in her application.

As a partner in a 52-person architectural firm, she adds leadership skills to the board, as well as her business knowledge.

“As a business owner, my perspective on what types of revenue reform might be supported by Oregon’s business communities would be an asset to the board,” she wrote.

The board consists of up to 21 directors who are elected on a regional basis for two-year terms. Board members create and promote OSBA programs and policies.