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UPDATE: SafeOregon tip line - phone number correction

By Jake Arnold,

UPDATE: Phone number correction - 844-472-3367

Schools now have another tool to keep students safe, but they have to sign up.

Tuesday, Jan. 31, marks the launch of SafeOregon, a school safety tip line program available to all public schools grades pre-K through 12. The tip line allows students, staff or the public to anonymously report potential threats to student safety, everything from bullying to substance abuse to self-harm to threats of school violence. Calls are routed to school officials, law enforcement, community mental health programs or public agencies as needed. The hope is to be able to intervene before tragedy strikes.

SafeOregon was created through a 2016 law. It is available around the clock and can be reached by phone or text (844-472-3367), email (, website (, or mobile app for Android and iOS phones.

The service does not cost schools anything, and they can find out how to sign up at It is only available to public schools grades pre-K through 12, but the Oregon State Police hopes to expand it to colleges, universities and private schools once all public schools are signed up.