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First Responder Appreciation Day is Tuesday, Sept. 27

Image result for first responder appreciation daySimple acts of gratitude will be the name of the game on Tuesday, Sept. 27, designated in Oregon as First Responder Appreciation Day.

The annual event recognizes police officers, firefighters and others who are the first on the scene when emergencies happen.

"If people just show simple acts of gratitude, we can make sure they know we appreciate what they are doing," said Tori Hittner of the Oregon Association of Chiefs of Police. "We understand that our police officers and firefighters are making huge sacrifices every day, and their families are making huge sacrifices, to help our communities operate the way they do."

For schools, those simple acts of gratitude might be students writing thank-you letters or drawing art work to give to local firefighters and police officers. Businesses might post thank-you signs in their store windows, Hittner said.

"We just want to let first responders know that we care," she said.

Oregon legislators first declared First Responder Appreciation Day in 2013, saying:
  • First responders risk their safety and personal property on a daily basis in the execution of their duty to protect the public.
  • First responders are the first line of defense for the public against threats, domestic and foreign.
  • First responders stand ready 24 hours per day to come to the aid of citizens of the United States of America.
  • First responders are a vital part of our communities, not only responding to emergencies but also volunteering in our schools and community organizations.
  • First responders who are volunteers or employees of agencies that provide public safety services, including policing, fire protection, emergency medical services and search and rescue services, come together during emergencies to serve the public.
  • The state of Oregon wishes to honor and support first responders with an annual day of appreciation.