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State work group recommends broader assessments

A comprehensive work group has recommended to the State Board of Education that standardized testing alone is not adequate to measure student progress or teacher effectiveness.

The group’s report on the state’s Smarter Balanced assessment is a result of House Bill 2680, passed in 2015. It highlights the need for state investment in comprehensive tools to ensure that schools and families receive a holistic picture of each student’s academic knowledge and skills. These would include formative assessments such as quizzes and class activities, and interim assessments, such as midterms and benchmark exams, which are also aligned with Oregon’s Common Core State Standards.

The report, approved by 33 education leaders from school districts and other organizations, also recommends that the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) reach out to parents and communities to better explain the purpose of statewide summative assessments. ODE is requesting a state investment for the 2017-19 biennium to fund formative and interim assessments for all districts.

For more information on House Bill 2680, work group membership and the report, click here.