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OSBA Fall Regionals coming to a location near you



Betsy Miller-Jones
Executive Director

The  OSBA Fall Regional meeting season is rapidly approaching. Boards across the state are facing a number of issues, and we will discuss with you how OSBA is working to address many of them through the legislative process in 2017. The first of our regional meetings is Sept. 15 and we will be out on the road meeting with board members through the end of October.

We will provide updates on the November ballot measures, the Promise of Oregon campaign and results of the Oregon Rising survey, and OSBA’s proposed legislative policies and priorities for 2017. We will also ask for feedback on the OSBA revenue reform report and proposal for action in 2017.

The official results of the Oregon Rising survey have not yet been released, but I have had a look at preliminary results. They reflect the hopes and dreams of Oregonians for a better future for their children, including a rich and varied public education that builds knowledge, skills, and a passion for life and learning. To achieve that dream we will need more resources, but at the same time we must be prepared to demonstrate results and accountability. Connecting the need for resources with the results is our challenge.

OSBA’s revenue reform report and recommendations for action will allow us to act in the Legislature on behalf of children – whether Ballot Measure 97 (the corporate business tax) passes or fails in November. Join us for a discussion of what exactly that might look like.

You will also have a chance to discuss with OSBA Board members and candidates for open seats their vision for the association. Seats on OSBA’s Board of Directors are up for election this fall. If you haven’t considered a statewide leadership position, now is the time to do so! Nominations for open Board seats are open NOW; see the OSBA website for more information.

Please join us for your OSBA Fall Regional meeting. It promises to be packed with topics of high importance to you and your school district this year.

Betsy Miller-Jones, Executive Director