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Oregon biennial school funding shortfall stands at $1.99 billion, report finds

Oregon is spending nearly $2 billion per biennium under what is necessary to meet the state’s own K-12 education goals, according to a new report from the Quality Education Commission.

The commission’s 10th such biennial report is based on the Quality Education Model, which relies on nonpartisan research and data. The report concludes that school funding for 2017-19 should be $9.97 billion – $1.99 billion more than what is projected at current service levels.

The commission is tasked with examining best educational practices and estimating how much it would cost to create a model Oregon schooling system.

Betsy Miller-Jones, OSBA’s executive director, said the report provides clear evidence for the need for comprehensive revenue reform in Oregon.

“This new data once again demonstrates the enormous gap between where Oregon schools should be and where they actually are,” she said. “It is clear that we need a comprehensive plan to pay for our schools rather than relying on a decades-old patchwork that is shortchanging children.”

The executive summary of the report can be found at here, and the full report is on the ODE website.