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In “Promise” video, Oregonians trace path to success through public schools

In a video that debuted May 5 as part of “The Promise of Oregon” campaign, 10 adult Oregonians describe how their public school experiences led to professional successes.
Among them are Dan Wieden, co-founder of an internationally recognized advertising firm, Linda Tamura, a Hood River historian and author, and Greg Bell, an author and motivational speaker. Along with the other video subjects, they emphasize the need to invest in public schools.
“Public schools are our gift to our kids,” Tamura says. “They’re our future.”
The “Promise” campaign, which launched last November, aims to create public support for K-14 education, to help meet the state’s 40-40-20 goals and lift student achievement and graduation rates. The newest video is among several featured on the campaign website,