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OSBA Board welcomes new officers, receives positive audit and financial news

The OSBA Board of Directors welcomed a new leadership slate and five new members to its ranks at its January 24-25, 2014, meeting in Salem, Oregon. The officers who assumed their new roles Jan. 1 are:

  • President Lori Theros (Klamath Falls City Schools)
  • President-elect Dave Krumbein (Pendleton School District)
  • Vice President Bobbie Regan (Portland Public Schools)
  • Secretary-Treasurer Samuel Lee III (Winston-Dillard School District)
  • Past President Terry Lenchitsky (Oregon Trail School District)

New to the Board are:

  • Mike Cosgrove, Eastern Region (John Day School District)
  • Steve Lowell, Southeast Region (Klamath County School District)
  • Betty Reynolds, Clackamas Region (West Linn-Wilsonville School District)
  • LeeAnn Larsen, Washington Region (Beaverton School District)
  • Maureen Wolf, Washington Region (Tigard-Tualatin School District)

OSBA Audit/Finances

The Board accepted a positive audit report from auditor Roy Rogers of Pauly, Rogers and Co., P.C., of Tigard. "In all cases, you have improved your financial position," Rogers told the Board. OSBA Director of Finance Mike Robison reported that the outlook for the year for OSBA's finances is very positive. At the midpoint of the year, OSBA has already earned 75 percent of the budgeted interest income from investments and is on track with all other income. Robison said OSBA expects to end the year with a positive balance.

OSBA Secretary-Treasurer and Finance Committee Chair Sam Lee reported to the Board that OSBA has more than doubled its income off its portfolio, allowing OSBA to continue to provide needed services to school districts.

New LPC member

The Board unanimously appointed Perrydale School Board member Trina Comerford to Position 13 of the OSBA Legislative Policy Committee (LPC). Deputy Executive Director Jim Green noted that three LPC positions remain open:   Position 1 (Eastern), Position 11 (Marion), and Position 14 (North Coast). School board members from those regions interested in participating on the LPC are urged to contact their OSBA Board representative or Jim Green.

Governance Issues

Vice President Bobbie Regan reported that the Governance Committee is addressing a number of issues, including:

  1. The difficulty filling Board and Legislative Policy Committee positions, particularly in rural areas. They are considering a resolution for Board consideration that allows the Board to go to an adjacent region and get a volunteer if it has consistently tried to fill a vacancy without success;
  2. Concerns from board members who find current OSBA region geography challenging to their participation in OSBA events. The committee would appreciate feedback from members on how to improve the current structure;
  3. Additional participation in OSBA finance matters. Upon recommendation from this committee, the Board approved two additional Finance Committee members, to be selected from board members across the state. The purpose is to strengthen the Finance Committee and grow the OSBA leadership pool; and
  4. The lack of minority representation on the OSBA Board, LPC and local boards. The committee will come back to the Board on ideas to increase minority representation on local boards, the OSBA Board and LPC.

OSBA Public Education Support Campaign

Tricia Yates reported that the deadline for the OSBA Public Education Support Campaign request for proposals is January 31. An internal work group advised by several OSBA Board members will review proposals and conduct interviews as needed. Yates said the goal is to hire a contractor by March 1. 

Common Core State Standards

The Board approved OSBA collaboration with the Oregon Department of Education and the Oregon PTA to provide information and resources to OSBA members and the public on the Common Core State Standards. OSBA will work to ensure that districts maintain local control over curriculum and materials and have the resources needed to implement state standards.

OSBA Conferences and Events

Jim Green reported that OSBA Fall Regional meetings had the highest attendance in 10 years, and commended OSBA Past President Terry Lenchitsky for his attendance at the meetings. OSBA Director of Communications Tricia Yates reported that the OSBA Bonds, Ballots and Buildings Conference had double the planned attendance at 170 attendees. Survey results show that 49 percent rated the conference excellent, 51 percent good. Due to demand, the conference will be offered again in 2016.

The Board discussed collective bargaining status in their regions and reviewed OSBA services to districts.