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OSBA's Regan Talks Public Education on OPB "Think Out Loud" Program

Listen to OSBA Secretary-Treasurer and Portland Public Schools board member Bobbie Regan as she joins Adam Davis of DHM Research and others discussing the release of the Oregon Values and Beliefs Survey in the Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB) program "Think Out Loud."

Regan said the survey revealed that "Oregonians have such a high value on education, K-12 education in particular and then community college, and access to higher education. Ten years ago, Oregonians had a right to be pessimistic -- we were cutting 25 days off the school calendar and being lampooned by the Doonesbury comic strip." Regan contrasted that with the Legislature's investment of another $1 billion for education in the 2013 session and another $100 million for schools in the recent special session. After 20 years of school funding cuts and a national recession, "we are on the cusp of turning the corner," Regan said.  

The Oregon Values and Beliefs Survey asked 4,000 people across Oregon their opinions on education and other important social and political issues. Tune in to learn more.

(Regan's comments begin at point 20:40 in the broadcast.)