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Public education campaign gives peek at day in Oregon schools

“No Ordinary Day” video features staff and students from Bonny Slope Elementary in Beaverton and Umatilla School District.

The Week Ahead

Be informed about what's happening next week that may affect education issues.

School board experience prompts transit money bill

The House Education Committee took testimony on HB 2693-A, which would allow for additional transportation reimbursements.

Paid family leave bill presents financial, logistical problems

A packed hearing room heard testimony Thursday by a variety of workers who faced situations that paid time off could have made more bearable.

Bill would change transfer process for assets like Elliott State Forest

Senate Bill 847 would set up a land transfer account that would allow selling underperforming state trust lands to a tribe, federal agency or another state agency.

Bill proponent calls Oregon’s ‘40-40-20’ goal a ‘charade game’

Oregon’s “40-40-20” goal for students received harsh criticism Wednesday before the House Committee on Education.

Bill Briefs

Overview of bills relating to the school improvement investment fund, the incentives for higher level mathematics courses and department of State Lands budget

March 24 Legislative Highlights is now online

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ODE delays submitting ESSA plan for 30 days

In the face of education advocates’ concerns, the Oregon Department of Education pushed back for 30 days submitting Oregon’s plan for the Every Student Succeeds Act.

Resolution “urgently requests” school districts protect all students

The State Board of Education on Thursday affirmed Oregon’s commitment to student safety no matter what the student’s immigration status.

New name, new look coming Monday for NewsClips

With input from our members we have redesigned our weekday morning news service to be much more visual, with photos and graphics to help explain the day’s education news.

Innovative school-based wellness programs recognized

Commitment to a healthy school community earned Adams Elementary (Corvallis School District), Milwaukie High School (North Clackamas School District) and St. Paul Elementary (St. Paul School District) the 2017 Oregon School Wellness Awards.

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Be informed about what's happening next week that may affect education issues.

March 17 Legislative Highlights is now online

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OSBA presses for bill to force Quality Education Model funding

House Joint Resolution 4 is one proposal to fully fund Oregon’s Quality Education Model.

OSBA and COSA hold successful Legislative Day at the Capitol

OSBA Board President Betty Reynolds told attendees, "Our top priority is adequate and stable funding for education."

Bill Briefs

Overview of bills relating to urban renewal and superintendent of public instruction as statewide elected office

Unnecessary workplace bullying bill increases costs, opponents say

OSBA testified in opposition to Senate Bill 292.

Education advocates explain need for $8.4 billion in State School Fund

The Joint Ways and Means Education Subcommittee took testimony on two bills, Senate Bills 5516 and 5517, that represent the bulk of the funding for Oregon schools.

North Clackamas superintendent’s quest for equity and excellence

Since Matt Utterback took over as superintendent in 2012, North Clackamas has dramatically increased its graduation rate from 72 percent to 83 percent last year.

K-12 school funding needs underestimated, district officials say

Differences in how the state and local school business officials estimate future budgets have created a $380 million gap for K-12 schools in the next biennium.

Resolution aims to force Legislature to fund QEM

House Joint Resolution 4 is designed to tell the Legislature to fund the Quality Education Model.

OSBA board picks architect for Multnomah opening

The OSBA board of directors chose Michelle Vo, a member of the Corbett School Board, on March 6 to fill its vacant Multnomah position.

Need for teachers opens loan-forgiveness opportunities

Teachers can qualify for federal loan forgiveness if they teach for five consecutive years in a shortage area.

Legislative Day focuses on advocating for school funding

Eighty-eight Legislative Day attendees were reminded to stay focused on the need for $8.4 billion and the impact if schools don’t get it.

Oregonians want better education and for big business to help pay for it, poll finds

A ground-breaking poll released by OSBA indicates that Oregonians see K-12 public education as the state’s top funding priority, and that they support raising business taxes to avoid cutting school budgets.

New poll shows voter support for K-12 education and revenue reform

A ground-breaking poll released by OSBA indicates that Oregonians see K-12 public education as the state’s top funding priority, and that they support raising business taxes to avoid cutting school budgets.

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Committee considers charter students’ access to activities

Proposed amendments being drafted for Senate Bills 536 and 208 would allow district schools to charge charter school students participating in extracurricular activities.

School districts fight addition of hurdles to contracting rules

Senate Bill 294 would make significant changes to the public contracting code, and proponents are seeking an amendment that would carve out cities and counties, leaving school districts as the target of the law change.

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Be informed about what's happening next week that may affect education issues.

Bill Briefs

Overview of bills relating to virtual charter schools, high school graduate reporting, OEBB opt-out, PERS agency budget.

Timeline for Oregon’s ESSA plan thrown into question

Oregon was aiming for April 3 to send the plan to the feds, but the U.S. Department of Education is planning to release a new template for plans the week of March 13.

Portland Public Schools picks superintendent finalist from Atlanta

Portland Public Schools named Donyall Dickey, the chief schools officer and chief academic officer in Atlanta Public Schools, as the sole finalist for superintendent.

Teacher Standards and Practices Commission wants to add staff

The TSPC budget contains two new hiring requests since the last biennium: an additional customer service employee to respond to phone calls and an additional employee to implement database upgrades.

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Be informed about what's happening next week that may affect education issues.

Budget puts many missions of Oregon education on display

The Joint Ways and Means Education Subcommittee began its work on the education budget with an overview of the Oregon Department of Education this week.

March 3 Legislative Highlights is now online

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Legislature ponders use for excess in PERS contingency fund

OSBA is interested in possibly retaining excess funding in the contingency reserve to help offset the difference when the PERS system does not meet the assumed rate. This would bring down the employer rate.

Bill Briefs

Overview of bills relating to revenue on workers’ rights awareness, dedicated TAG funding, predictive scheduling in the workplace and statewide FFA support and funding.

North Clackamas superintendent receives national award

AASA, the School Superintendents Association, named Oregon’s Matthew Utterback as national superintendent of the year!

Recognize Oregon’s outstanding teachers

The Oregon Department of Education is taking nominations for the 2018 Oregon Teacher of the Year award.

February 24 Legislative Highlights is now online

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State revenue forecast delivers good news but not too good

The Oregon revenue forecast is up almost $200 million from the December forecast.

Protecting marijuana use conflicts with federal contract requirements

Senate Bill 301 would make it an unlawful employment practice to require, as a condition of employment, that workers refrain from using a substance that is lawful during nonworking hours.

Mandatory class size bargaining divides House Education Committee

House Bill 2651 would make class size a mandatory subject of bargaining in contract negotiations between school districts and teachers.

Bill Briefs

Overview of bills relating to revenue on marijuana sales, student safety and public records.

The Week Ahead

Be informed about what's happening next week that may affect education issues.

Transgender student ruling doesn’t affect Oregon schools

The Trump administration revoked federal guidelines that protected transgender students’ choice of bathrooms, but the ruling is not expected to have an immediate effect in Oregon.

Threat assessment teams can prevent school violence, task force says

Two important questions always arise when tragedy strikes: Could we have known? Could we have prevented it?

State Board of Education approves Measure 98 rules

The State Board of Education approved the rules to implement Measure 98 on Thursday.

Good news in new state budget forecast

The Oregon March revenue forecast ticked up slightly, cutting the estimated budget shortfall by almost $200 million.

Three schools can earn $100,000 fitness centers

The National Foundation of Governors’ Fitness Councils’ Don’t Quit! campaign is seeking Oregon schools that demonstrate leadership in student fitness.

Bill putting marijuana on par with tobacco raises employer concerns

Senate Bill 301 would make it illegal for an employer to tell workers that they can’t use legal substances on their own time.

City Club of Portland fosters PERS discussion

OSBA Executive Director Jim Green called on Oregon's government leaders Feb. 17 to tackle the issues of revenue reform and controlling spiraling costs from the Public Employees Retirement System.

Week of hearings spotlight depth of PERS problems

The Public Employees Retirement System has a growing liability that is affecting the ability of cities, counties and school districts to provide services. PERS payments are dollars that schools will not get to spend in the classrooms.

February 17 Legislative Highlights is now online

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Equity in education includes culturally relevant content, advocates for SB 204 say

Senate Bill 204 aims to tackle Oregon’s persistent student achievement gap.

The Week Ahead

Be informed about what's happening the week of Feb. 17-25 that may affect education issues.

Bill Briefs

Overview of bills relating to the Oregon Promise Program, student safety, Educator Advancement Council, and Early Indicator and Intervention System.

Growing PERS liability gains attention in Legislature

After sobering testimony Feb. 15 on the challenges of funding the Public Employees Retirement System), state Sen. Tim Knopp offered three more legislative concepts that could potentially become bills.

State Land Board moves ahead on sale of Elliott State Forest

The State Land Board voted 2-1 to amend the protocol outlining the sale requirements and continue with negotiations.

Oregon Department of Education seeks comment on ESSA plan

The Every Student Succeeds Act gives states more autonomy and greater flexibility to address local needs.

U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos Addresses Full Staff

U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos began her first day in office by thanking the Department's career employees for ensuring a smooth and professional transition.

Brown unveils $100 million bond proposal for Elliott forest

Gov. Brown has proposed keeping the forest in public ownership using up to $100 million in state bonding capacity to protect habitat and old growth stands.

Internship available in Merkley office

The full-time job lasts 10-12 weeks in the summer and includes conducting research, drafting memos, attending briefings and hearings, and assisting congressional staff.

New ‘Promise’ video debuts on the need to invest in our students

This new video, using stunning videography of Oregon’s natural beauty and images from schools around the state, cements the ties between our shared values as Oregonians and the need to invest in the next generation.

Public records bill tries to ease some burden on school districts

The attorney general’s task force looking at Oregon’s public records laws was charged with examining four issues: timelines, fees, exemptions and a review process.

Bill Briefs

Overview of Senate Bills 182 and 183

Last chance (well, not really) to introduce bills

Until Feb. 28 legislators can introduce an unlimited number of bills. After the 28th legislators are limited to five “priority” bills.

House Education Committee learns about Measure 98 challenges

February 10 Legislative Highlights is now online

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The Week Ahead

List of scheduled legislative hearings and work sessions for the week of Feb. 13.

Graduation rate hinges on reaching underserved students, Oregon education official says

As Oregon’s first education innovation officer, Colt Gill has the primary task of improving graduation rates.

New ‘Promise Stories’ debut today on website

A series of Promise stories will delve deeper into how students are using Oregon’s public schools as a ladder to success – in some cases despite significant hurdles in their path.

The Week Ahead

List of scheduled legislative hearings and work sessions for the week of Feb. 6.

February 3 Legislative Highlights is now online

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Budget town halls need to hear voices for education spending

The Legislature’s Joint Ways and Means Committee has announced dates and locations for town hall meetings, creating an opportunity for school board members statewide to tell legislators that they need to fully fund K-12 education in Oregon.

School board members deliver Oregon message to Congress

Members of the Oregon School Boards Association board of directors and legislative policy committee visited Washington, D.C.,to meet with Oregon’s congressional delegation as part of the National School Boards Association's 2017 Advocacy Institute.

Town Halls give public voice in budget debate

The Legislature’s Joint Ways and Means Committee is offering the public a chance to weigh in about the state budget. Starting Feb. 10, town halls will be held in Salem, Portland, Hermiston, Madras, Ashland, Eugene and Tillamook.

UPDATE: SafeOregon tip line - phone number correction

Schools now have another tool to keep students safe, but they have to sign up.

Legislative session kicks off Wednesday with budget at forefront

Education issues will play a heavy role in this legislative session.

Measure 98 funding comes with challenges for districts

During an ODE rules hearing, school officials outlined potential difficulties in creating and complying with new rules governing the act and its requirements.

Board members will advocate for Oregon schools in U.S. Capitol

Issues to be covered are: implementing the Every Student Succeeds Act, school choice and educational vouchers, federal investment in education, reauthorization of federal funding for career and technical education (CTE), and reauthorization of the Child Nutrition Act.

Find out what your legislators are doing

Did you know that you can use the Legislature’s e-subscribe notifications to receive email notifications from your local legislators?

January 27 Legislative Highlights is now online

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Advocacy Institute brings Oregon perspective to D.C.

School board members are heading to Washington, D.C., this weekend to tell the Oregon story.

OSBA team hits the road to attend legislative receptions statewide

Legislative receptions give parents, educators and other members of the community a chance to discuss issues with local legislators in a relaxed and informal setting.

‘Get on Board’ urges candidates to run for school, college boards

The May 2015 election saw the lowest number of candidates for Oregon school board seats in a decade, and nearly three-quarters of all candidates ran unopposed. The campaign is designed to combat those trends.

Graduation rate data focuses attention on equity in education

The Oregon high school graduation rate continues its crawl upward, climbing 1 percentage point to 74.8 percent for the class of 2016.

State Board of Education temporarily revives weather exception to class time

The local accountability of school boards when class time is missed was crucial to the State Board of Education’s debate over providing districts with a mechanism for handling lost time due to weather.

Immigration FAQ

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Add your voice to call for better education; we’ll help you

This session OSBA legislative services will need your help advocating for state funding of education that avoids budget cuts and puts students and districts first.

Oregon Senate and House of Representatives rosters

Find your legislator's contact information.

January 20 Legislative Highlights is now online

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K-12 education faces cuts in legislative budget framework

Jan. 19 the co-chairs of the Joint Committee on Ways and Means delivered a preview of the anticipated budget for the upcoming session.

Legislative budget framework cuts K-12 spending

The co-chairs of the Joint Ways and Means Committee outlined their education funding plans Jan. 19 by proposing to spend $200 million less on K-12 schools than that outlined in late November by Gov. Kate Brown.

Updated: Oregon dropped hours requirement for individual classes

The latest version of OAR 581-022-1131 no longer requires 130 hours of instruction time for each class, making it easier for districts to adjust their calendars for lost days.

January 13 Legislative Highlights is now online

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News Releases

Eight selected for new Promise Scholarship program

6/22/2016 - The pilot OSBA program will reward board development actions with scholarship funds for students.

OSBA Board votes to support IP 65 on November ballot

6/21/2016 - Initiative Petition 65 would establish the High School Graduation and Career Readiness Fund as part of the state General Fund.

OSBA Board members advance school priorities in U.S. Capitol

6/17/2016 - OSBA Board members urged Congress to uphold local governance and flexibility while implementing the Every Student Succeeds Act, reauthorize the Child Nutrition Act, increase federal funding for Title I, and discuss long-term solutions to ensure that county timber payments continue to support public schools.

Reynolds named to NSBAC Board

5/23/2016 - Betty Reynolds, OSBA president-elect and West Linn-Wilsonville School Board member, was elected by the National School Boards Action Center Board of Directors to serve on the NSBAC Board.

Most bond elections pass as schools seek state matches

5/18/2016 - Thirteen of 22 Oregon school districts passed local bond measures May 17 in the largest such field since 2008.

Miller-Jones to retire Jan. 1 as OSBA Executive Director

4/25/2016 - A search firm will be hired to develop a timeline and process so the OSBA Board can hire a highly qualified candidate and ensure a smooth transition in leadership.

"Oregon Rising": OSBA, COSA, OEA invite Oregonians to "dream" schools' future

4/12/2016 - The public outreach campaign asks Oregonians to engage at a local level to answer a fundamental state-wide question: What do we want Oregon schools to be for our children and grandchildren?

New "Promise" video debuts on Baker Techinical Institute

4/5/2016 - The Institute includes career pathways in construction, industrial and engineering systems, health services and agriculture.

President Doug Nelson leads new OSBA Officer lineup

1/5/2016 - With a new year comes a new slate of officers on OSBA's Board of Directors, headed by President Doug Nelson of the High Desert Education Service District.

Forty-six school board members receive leadership awards

11/14/2015 - The awards, offered through OSBA’s Leadership Institute, represent a significant level of achievement in board leadership and development.

Oregon school board members head to DC to urge support for education priorities

1/29/2014 - Federal payments to counties, NCLB waiver, and investing in programs to help disadvantaged students will be discussed.

Miller-Jones and Howatt elected to NSBA positions

12/16/2013 - OSBA Executive Director Betsy Miller-Jones was re-elected as Pacific Region secretary-treasurer and OSBA Past President Kris Howatt (Gresham-Barlow School Board) was elected as the alternate Pacific Region representative to the NSBA Policies and Resolutions Committee.

OSBA applauds co-chairs' budget proposals for education

3/4/2013 - By recognizing the importance of adequate school funding, the co-chairs' budget will allow some districts to avoid making further reductions.

OSBA Board selects Miller-Jones as OSBA executive director

1/28/2013 - The Oregon School Boards Association Board of Directors has unanimously selected Interim Executive Director Betsy Miller-Jones as the association’s new executive director.

Oregon school board members head to DC to urge support for education priorities

1/25/2013 - Federal payments to counties, Oregon's NCLB waiver, and "fiscal cliff" resolution will be discussed.

Salem-Keizer School Board rejoins OSBA

7/11/2012 - With Salem-Keizer School Board's decision to rejoin, the Oregon School Board's Association once again represents every school board in Oregon. A unanimous and united OSBA will be a strong voice for students and public education in Oregon.

Portland Public Schools Board of Directors rejoins Oregon School Boards Association

6/25/2012 - By rejoining the association, Portland Public Schools helps unify advocates for public education as we tackle major statewide issues like school funding, student achievement and accountability.

Governor taps school board members to help guide higher education

5/16/2012 - Gov. John Kitzhaber has appointed five locally-elected school board members to serve on the newly created Higher Education Coordinating Commission.

Jim Green joins OSBA as Deputy Executive Director

2/27/2012 - Green, an attorney, lobbyist and Salem-Keizer School Board member, knows the issues and challenges school board members face.

OSBA board members report productive meetings in D.C.

2/16/2012 - Agenda included federal payments to counties and NCLB waiver.

Oregon school board reps press education issues in Washington, D.C.

2/08/2012 - A delegation of the Oregon School Boards Association's board of directors met with the state’s congressional delegation to stress the importance of Oregon’s proposed waiver of the federal No Child Left Behind Act.

OSBA’s legislative priorities show sense of urgency

1/31/2012 - The Oregon School Boards Association calls on its membership to advocate for a list of legislative priorities during the upcoming legislative session, and endorses Governor John Kitzhaber’s call for enacting "education achievement compacts" with local school districts.

OSBA honors local board members

1/17/2012 - It’s “School Board Recognition Month,” and the Oregon School Boards Association has recognized our board members for their service to public education.

OSBA announces leadership change

1/7/2012 - The OSBA Board of Directors has named Betsy Miller-Jones as interim Executive Director effective immediately.

Thirty-six school board members receive leadership awards

11/22/2011 - The awards, offered through OSBA’s Leadership Institute, represent a significant level of achievement in board leadership and development.

18 graduate from OSBA's advanced class in school board leadership

5/17/2011 - Over the past five months, school board members from around the state participated in OSBA's Leadership Oregon training, which prepares them to better serve their communities and students.

Gladstone School District wins national recognition from the American School Board Journal

4/04/2011 - The Center for Children and Families, which offers educational programs and social services, earns Magna Award honorable mention.

School board members talk funding with Oregon's Congressional delegation in D.C.

2/08/2011 - Six board members meet with Senators Merkley and Wyden and five House members to talk about the impact of federal stimulus funds on Oregon's schools and federal timber payments.