About OSBA

Public Charter School Boards Associate Membership

As associate members, public charter school boards may access membership benefits that come with annual dues, such as those related to policy, human resources, public records, leadership and publications. They also may purchase property and casualty insurance coverage through PACE, Property and Casualty Coverage for Education.

Benefits of membership

HOW TO JOIN OSBA -- one mailing to OSBA should do it! 

First, official action to join OSBA must be made by your charter board during a meeting, either through a motion or resolution. Membership will be effective through June 30 of each year. 

To get the ball rolling, send the following to OSBA at 1201 Court St NE, Suite 400, Salem, OR 97301:

  1. Include a copy of your minutes, showing your board voted to join OSBA.
  2. Enclose a check for your dues. Dues are based on your enrollment (Average Daily Membership) of students. See table below for the amount.
  3. Enclose contact information for your head administrator and each board member including name, mailing address, phone numbers (day and evening) and email. Also include the name, address and website of your charter school. We'll need this for our database and mailings.

Your head administrator will receive a certificate of membership upon receipt of dues.

Charter schools dues 

ADM (Average Daily Membership)

Annual Dues

Under 100


100 to 249


250 to 499


500 to 999


1000 to 1,999


2,000 to 2,499


2,500 to 3,999


4,000 to 4,999


5,000 to 9,999


10,000 to 25,000


Over 25,000