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Election Center

The Oregon School Boards Association is organized as one general state association with up to 21 elected representatives established across 14 geographic regions to support member participation and representation.  Member boards also elect the Legislative Policy Committee and vote on the OSBA Legislative Policies and Priorites.

Please contact OSBA if you have questions about nominations or election procedures, 503-588-2800 or 800-578-6722, or e-mail OSBAelections@osba.org.

Voting information

View information about each candidate nominated and elected, professional resume and responses to candidate questions. 

Election timelines

Download the election calendar (11K This file is in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Click here to download. ). 

Date Action
Aug 22 Notice of position vacancies on the OSBA board and official nomination forms distributed
Sept 30 Nominations close
Oct 14 Official ballot sent to the membership
Nov 14 Voting period opens
Dec 16 Voting period closes
Jan 1 Newly elected regional members of the OSBA board of directors officially take office

Resolution election

Date Action
Sep 30 All resolutions to be submitted to the membership for a vote must be received at the OSBA offices.
Oct 14 Resolution details, along with an official ballot, will be sent to the membership.
Nov 14 Voting period opens
Dec 16 Voting period closes

OSBA officer election

Date Action
Sept 23-24 The currently seated OSBA board of directors meets to elect officers. Candidates receiving a majority of the votes cast for any officer position on the OSBA board shall be elected.


Election assistance