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OSBA's staff provides the services and programs that support the association's mission. Their job is to serve board members and districts so that Oregon's young people receive the best public education possible.

Send comments and suggestions to OSBA at: info@osba.org or 503-588-2800 or 1-800-578 OSBA (6722)

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This is an image of Sharon AddisonSharon Addison
Accounting Specialist
E-mail: saddison@osba.org
Jacob ArnoldJacob Arnold
Communications and News Specialist
E-mail: jarnold@osba.org
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Victoria BlackVicky Black
Operational Support Services Assistant
E-mail: vblack@osba.org
This is an image of Bryce CarsonBryce Carson
Management Information Systems
E-mail: bcarson@osba.org
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Catherine CusimanoCatherine Cusimano
Director of Labor Services
E-mail: ccusimano@osba.org
Jennifer CypertJennifer Cypert
Litigation Services Paralegal
E-mail: jcypert@osba.org
Richard DonovanRichard Donovan
Legislative Services Specialist
E-mail: rdonovan@osba.org
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This is an image of Diane EfseaffDiane Efseaff
Communications Assistant
E-mail: defseaff@osba.org
This is an image of Jenny FedlerJenny Fedler
HR Manager
E-mail: jfedler@osba.org
This is an image of Leslie FisherLeslie Fisher
Senior Policy Services Administrative Assistant
E-mail: lfisher@osba.org
This is an image of Rachel FleenorRachel Fleenor
Branding and Digital Marketing Strategist
E-mail: rfleenor@osba.org
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This is an image of Lisa FreileyLisa Freiley
General Counsel/PACE Administrator
E-mail: lfreiley@osba.org
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Jim GreenJim Green
Executive Director
E-mail: jgreen@osba.org
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Sarah HerbSarah Herb
Board Development Assistant
E-mail: sherb@osba.org
Donna HerrenDonna Herren
Events & Executive Search Specialist
E-mail: dherren@osba.org
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Maricela HighsmithMaricela Highsmith
Litigation Services Paralegal
E-mail: mhighsmith@osba.org
Therese HolmstromTherese Holmstrom
Pre-loss Attorney
E-mail: tholmstrom@osba.org
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This is an image of Peggy HolstedtPeggy Holstedt
Director of Policy Services
E-mail: pholstedt@osba.org
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Gina HutchinsonGina Hutchinson
Graphic Design and Print Specialist
E-mail: ghutchinson@osba.org
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Kristina JuarezKristina Juarez
Administrative Assistant
E-mail: kjuarez@osba.org
This is an image of Steve KelleySteve Kelley
Director of Board Development
E-mail: skelley@osba.org
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This is an image of Jane LeonhardtJane Leonhardt
Executive Assistant
E-mail: jleonhardt@osba.org
This is an image of Spencer LewisSpencer Lewis
Member Services Attorney
E-mail: slewis@osba.org
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Kristen MilesKristen Miles
Board Development Specialist
E-mail: kmiles@osba.org
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Michael MillerMichael Miller
Litigation Services Attorney
E-mail: mmiller@osba.org
This is an image of Eric MouselEric Mousel
E-mail: emousel@osba.org
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This is an image of Pamela MullenPamela Mullen
PACE Administration Assistant
E-mail: pmullen@osba.org
Siobhan MurphySiobhan Murphy
Labor and Employment Advisor
E-mail: smurphy@osba.org
This is an image of Andrew NorvalAndrew Norval
Help Desk-IT Assistant
E-mail: anorval@osba.org
Mary PaulsonMary Paulson
Deputy Executive Director
E-mail: mpaulson@osba.org
Haley PercellHaley Percell
Litigation Services Attorney
E-mail: hpercell@osba.org
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This is an image of Alex PulaskiAlex Pulaski
Director of Communications
E-mail: apulaski@osba.org
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This is an image of Michael RobisonMichael Robison
Director of Operations and Finance
E-mail: mrobison@osba.org
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This is an image of Lori SattenspielLori Sattenspiel
Interim Director of Legislative Services
E-mail: lsattenspiel@osba.org
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This is an image of Lucy SchwallieLucy Schwallie
Pre-loss Attorney
E-mail: lschwallie@osba.org
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This is an image of Renee SesslerRenee Sessler
Board Development Specialist
E-mail: rsessler@osba.org
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This is an image of Rick StuckyRick Stucky
Policy Services Specialist
E-mail: rstucky@osba.org
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This is an image of LaNell TrisselLa'Nell Trissel
Policy Services Assistant
E-mail: ltrissel@osba.org
Kate WilkinsonKate Wilkinson
Director of Litigation Services
E-mail: kwilkinson@osba.org
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