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OSBA Finance Committee

The Finance Committee shall be appointed by the president and shall be composed of members from Oregon public school districts with boards that meet all criteria to be OSBA voting members. The members shall include, but are not limited to, the OSBA secretary/treasurer and vice president, one OSBA board member from the PACE board, one district business official and one at-large board member.

The Finance Committee shall operate within the guidelines of the association's Finance Committee Operating Manual and Investment Policy  (118k This file is in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Click here to download. ).

Minutes of the past finance committee meetings are listed below.   The files are in PDF This file is in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Click here to download. format.

2016-01-29 Finance Committee meeting minutes-Accepted 3-11-16

2015-09-18 Finance Committee meeting minutes-Approved 11-15-15

2015-03-13 Finance Committee meeting minutes-Approved

2015-01-23 Finance Committee meeting minutes

2014-09-19 Finance Committee meeting minutes

2014-03-21 Finance Committee meeting minutes

2014-01-24 Finance Committee meeting minutes

2013-09-27 Finance Committee meeting minutes

2013-03-15 Finance Committee meeting minutes

2013-01-18 Finance Committee meeting

2012-09-21 Finance Committee meeting minutes

2012-03-16 Finance committee minutes

2012-01-20 Finance committee discussion notes

2011-09-16 Finance committee minutes

2011-06-24 Finance committee minutes

2011-04-01 Finance committee minutes

2011-01-21 Finance Committee meeting minutes

2011-01-21 Finance committe minutes

2010-09-10 Finance committee minutes

2010-06-11 Finance committee minutes

2009-11-13 Exec and Finance committee minutes

2009-06-12 Finance committee minutes

2009-03-20 Finance committee minutes