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Essential duties of OSBA board members

The OSBA Constitution delegates to the board of directors the authority to create the program of the association and to carry out association business between special and annual meetings.

As a group, the board of directors is subject to direction by a majority of association members at a regular or special meeting. As individual OSBA board members, each member reports and is responsive to the needs of the region electing the member.

As defined in the OSBA Constitution, board members assume responsibility by participating in board of director meetings to fulfill the following duties:

  • Carry on the necessary business of the association between special and annual meetings. The board may adopt such rules and regulations for the conduct of its business as shall be deemed advisable, and may, in the execution of powers granted, delegate certain of its authority and responsibility to the Executive Committee.
  • May employ a salaried executive director and shall determine his/her salary and duties.
  • Shall, at regularly called meetings thereof, fill all vacancies in any office until the next annual meeting of the association.
  • Shall meet not less than twice annually and when called by the president, or upon notice served on other members of the board of directors in accordance with the Oregon public meetings laws.
  • Shall determine the place, date and hour of regular meetings of the association and serve or cause to be served proper notice to all members.
  • Shall adopt an annual budget for the association.
  • Shall pass upon appointments by the president to committees.
  • Shall require an annual audit of the books of the secretary-treasurer and any other officer or employee who handles funds of the association.
  • Shall determine the site of the head office of the association.
  • Shall authorize such special committees as it deems necessary for the proper conduct of the affairs of the association.
  • Shall formally review the establishment of the regional structure of the association at least every three years. Any recommended changes to the regional structure shall be submitted to the membership in accordance with the provisions of Article XII of the OSBA Constitution.
  • Shall promote the active involvement of member boards in the regional structure of the association. 
  • Shall prepare and distribute an impact statement for any resolution to be placed before the membership.
  • Shall adopt an elections calendar identifying dates for the regional elections of board positions and LPC positions.

OSBA board members shall participate in boardsmanship training activities, which include the following:

  • OSBA board of director meetings (Nov., Jan., March/April, June & Sept. and as needed).
  • Fall and spring regional meetings (presiding when necessary).
  • OSBA Annual Convention and Annual Business Meeting (November).
  • Other OSBA conferences and training sessions as possible.

Legislative Policies & Priorities

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