About OSBA

Mission and Strategic Plan


The Oregon School Boards Association is dedicated to improving student achievement through advocacy, leadership and service to locally elected, volunteer Oregon public school boards


Visionary Areas

The four visionary areas serve as the focus of OSBA's work over the next two to five years.  OSBA will be at the forefront in leading and creating work resulting in:

1.    Revenue Reform for stable and adequate funding of public education;

2.    Increased high school graduation rates, all students graduating college and career ready;

3.    Every Oregon student demonstrating growth in knowledge and skills; closing the achievement gap while raising student achievement;

4.    Elected School Boards trained for and demonstrating exemplary performance.

Four Bold Steps

The four bold steps will be taken by the board and staff, moving us towards our vision in the next 12-18 months.

1.    OSBA will support all boards to become exemplary local boards.

Primary objectives are to educate, empower and equip board members with knowledge and information to become exemplary local boards implementing best practices for closing the achievement gap while raising student achievement in their district.

2.    OSBA will provide a clearinghouse of "Best Practices."

Primary objectives are to create timely, accessible, searchable resources to support boards in implementing best practices for closing the achievement gap while raising student achievement.

3.    OSBA will promote comprehensive funding reform.

Primary objective is to attain a stable, politically viable, fair, equitable and adequate simple system of funding public education in Oregon.

4.    OSBA will be an education communications leader in Oregon.

Primary objectives are to be the leader among partners in educating the public for student achievement, equity best practices, equitable access, funding and advocacy in Oregon.


Legislative Policies & Priorities

The legislative policy development process

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