About OSBA

OSBA regional governance listservs

Increase communication between OSBA members, region by region. 

In order to increase communication between OSBA board members, we created e-mail listservs for each region. Use  this service and strengthen your own voice -- and ultimately the voice of OSBA as we advocate for children. This is a great way to share ideas about legislative issues and regional elections; plus, you'll get to know your OSBA Board and Legislative Policy Committee members.

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The lists are automatic, or "opt out" as they say, and connect you with others in your region.

You can opt out of the list anytime -- just follow the instructions at the bottom of any message or return to this page and send a request to unsubscribe.

Strengthen your voice by participating in your regional discussion!

Please remember that listserv messages are subject to Oregon's public records laws and use them accordingly.


Who can join?
The regional listservs are open to board members and board officers from OSBA member districts. 

Where will the messages come from?
The messages will come "from" other listserv members and will be sent "to" the listserv address (region-central@list.osba.org, region-clackamas@list.osba.org, etc). You will receive a "bcc" or "blind copy" so other members do not see your e-mail address. To ensure delivery of listserv messages make sure messages coming from the list.osba.org domain are not blocked by your e-mail spam filter. 

Regional listservs (followed by @list.osba.org):

  • region-central
  • region-clackamas
  • region-gorge
  • region-douglassouthcoast
  • region-eastern
  • region-lane
  • region-linnbentonlincoln
  • region-marion
  • region-multnomah
  • region-northcoast
  • region-southeast
  • region-southern
  • region-washington
  • region-yamhillpolk

How can I participate?
Once you've received the welcome message you'll be able to send messages to the list, just like sending other e-mail messages. Simply send an e-mail to the listserv address for your region (region-central@list.osba.org, region-clackamas@list.osba.org, etc) and it will be sent to all subscribers in your region.

What region am I in?
You can find your region on the map of regions. (41k This file is in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Click here to download.)

How many messages can I expect to receive?
It depends on how many participate and how involved they choose to be. We expect some regions to be more active than others.

What else do I need to know?
Watch out for a common listserv "blooper" many new subscribers make when "replying" to a message from a listserv. If you click "Reply" your message will be sent only to the "sender." If you click "Reply to All" your message will go to the entire subscriber list. Make sure you are sending your message to who you think you are before hitting "send."

How can I "unsubscribe?"
Follow the instructions at the bottom of any listserv message or return to this page and send a request to unsubscribe. You can also call OSBA, 1-800-578-OSBA.